Gate valve – Задвижки

Gate valveModels: AP-GA-FL, AP-GA-BW

Technical specifications:

Valves for use with operating environment of groups 1,2 hazard categories 1,2,3.

Nominal Diameter d=15-1400 mm.

Maximum allowable working pressure P=1,873-43,19 МPа.

Operating environment temperature – from -196°С to +840°С.

Ambient temperature t, °C from -60 °С to +60 °С.



-Operating environment – oil and petroleum products, natural gas, gas processing products, cryogenic liquids, acids, alkalies, water, steam, supercritical fluids.

– Gate sealability (GOST 9544-2005), class А.

-Connection Type: flange (according to GOST, ANSI/ASME, DIN, EN), butt-weld.

-Pack: electric actuator, series: HQ, HM (explosion proof mark 1Ex d IIB T4 Gb); pneumatic actuator, series: ET, HP; manual operation unit, series: HGO; limit switch, series: APL; mating flanges.

Valve Construction

gate valve



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Fittings, Valves type (GATE valve) models: AP-GA-FL, AP-GA-BW, nominal diameter of 15 to 1400 mm, maximum allowable working pressure of 1.873 to 43.19 MPa, the operating temperature of -196 ° C to + 840 ° C, complete with electric type: HQ, HM; pneumodrives series: ET, HP; with manual control mechanism Series HGO; limit switches series APL serial production
CLASSIFICATION CODE: 37 4100 HS Code of the Russian Federation: (HS TC) 8481 00 000 0

Compliance with regulatory DOCUMENTS
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