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Series RU № 0207942


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VALVE POSITION MONITOR, Series 4**N with explosion protection marking 1Ех d IIВ Т6 Gb X and Series APL-5*** with explosion protection marking 1Ех d IIC Т6 Gb X, Products manufactured in according to the project documentation «APOLLO CO., Ltd.», a set of assembly drawings №№ LB410, N501, LB411, LB412, LB413, LB414, LB415, LB416, LB420, LB421, LB422, LB423, LB425, LB426, LB430, LB510, LB511, LB512, LB513, LB514, LB515, LB5I6, LB520, LB521, LB522, LB523, LB525, LB526, LB530.
Serial release.


КОД ТН ВЭД ТС 8536 50 800 0


Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of equipment for use in explosive environments ” (TR CU 012/2011)


Protocols of certification tests № 2645Ех from 31.03.2015, issued by the testing laboratory of CJSC “NRC «TekhnoProgress»”(accreditation certificate № РОСС RU.0001.21МЭ67 from 02.09.2010 to 02.09.2015, Moscow); Act on the results of the analysis of the production №1485 A of 15.12.2014 (the certification body ANO SEC “TekhnoProgress” accreditation certificate № РОСС RU.0001.11MH04).


Storage conditions – 7 Ж1 (ГОСТ 15150-69 Section 10). The designated shelf life without reconservation under the conditions of storage – 2 years. Service life – 5 years, assigned resource – 80,000 cycles. Scope – non-hazardous area.

Storage conditions – 7 Ж1 in accordance with ГОСТ 15150-69. Shelf life without reconservation – 2 years, when stored. The service life – 5 years, assigned resource – 100,000 cycles. Additional information identifying the products in the Annex on forms №№ 0183271, 0183272.


VALID FROM 09.04.2015 TO 08.04.2020 IN INCLUSIVE


Head of Certification (authorized person) A Y Verveyko
Expert (expert-auditor) M M Sargaeva



to the certificate of conformity №ТС RU C-KR.MH04.B.00261

Series RU №0183271


1 Purpose and scope

VALVE POSITION MONITOR Series 4**N with explosion protection marking 1Ех d IIВ Т6 Gb X and Series APL-5*** with explosion protection marking 1Ех d IIC Т6 Gb X (hereinafter – VALVE POSITION MONITOR) are designed for operation as part of pipeline valves and perform a visual indication of the position of the working body and switching circuits.
Scope – explosive zones of premises and external installations in accordance with explosion protection marking, ГОСТ IEC 60079-14-2011 and industrial safety regulations governing the use of this equipment in explosive environments.

2 Main technical data

2.1 Main technical data of limit switches are shown in Table 1.

Name of parameter Value
Explosion protection marking ГОСТ Р МОК 60079-0-2011:

–                      Series APL-4**N

–                      Series APL-5***

1Ex d IIB Т6 Gb X

1Ex d IIC Т6 Gb X

Protection class from external influences provided by the shell, according to ГОСТ 14254-96. not less than IP 67
Ambient temperature range during operation, ° C от минус 60 до плюс 60
Electrical circuits

mechanical switch, not more. A / B

potentiometer. kOm

sentinel node, mA


from 0 to 1; from 0 to 5; from 0 to 10

from 4 to 20; from 20 to 4

2.2 Symbol structure of VALVE POSITION MONITOR:



X1 -type case:

4 – with explosion protection marking 1Ех d IIВ Т6 Gb X

5 – with explosion protection marking 1Ех d IIC Т6 Gb X

XX2 – block type electrical contacts:


10 – two single-pole changeover switches type SZM-V16-5FA-61:

11 – Three-pole changeover switches type SZM-V16-5FA-61;

12 – Four-pole changeover switches type SZM-V16-5FA-61:

13 – two single-pole switch for one direction type SZM-V16-5EA-61:

14 – two two-pole switch in the two directions of type DZ-10GW-1B;

15 – two single-pole changeover switches type SZM-V16-5FA-61 and the potentiometer;

16 – 4-20 mA signal node and two-pole changeover switches type SZM-V16-5FA-61: Contactless

20 – non-contact sensor type NJ2-V3-N;

21 – non-contact sensor type PS17-5DNU;

22 – non-contact sensor type NJ4-12GM-N;

23 – non-contact sensor type NBB2-V3:

25 – non-contact sensor and a potentiometer type NJ2-V3-N;

26 – 4-20 mA signal node and a non-contact sensor type NJ2-V3-N;

30 – non-contact sensor based on the type of reed switch MS-B 301.

X3 – body material:

N – aluminum alloy AK12M2 GOST 1583-93;

S – stainless steel according to GOST 7350-77 08H18H10.

3 Description of the construction product and means of protection

3.1 Structurally limit switches series APL-4 ** N consist of the following main components: casing with cover, shaft with cams, windows, position indicator and the indicator itself, the unit switches or sensors, terminal block, external-internal ground terminal.

Head of Certification (authorized person) A Y Verveyko
Expert (expert-auditor) M M Sargaeva


to the certificate of conformity №ТС RU C-KR.MH04.B.00261

Series RU №0183271


Housing with a lid made of aluminum alloy and the shaft passing through them with cams form flameproof cylindrical compounds at the interface with the shaft body and the cover, the connection between the planar and the housing krysh¬koy. Housing powder coated products based on polyester resins KARUMEL RH8576. To connect to the housing with the cover with 6 screws with hexagon socket wrench. Inside the case are located zazem¬leniya terminal and terminal block, which is connected to the external signal circuits and wires from the power switches or sensors. On top of the lid position indicator window is made of polycarbonate and the position indicator itself planted at the output end of the shaft with cams.

To connect to the electrical circuits in the body there are two threaded holes for cable glands, all neispol¬zuemye holes are closed with plugs.

Structurally limit switches series APL-5 *** are identical in construction with a series of limit switches APL-4 ** N except that the connection between the lid and holds the threaded body. Depending on is¬polneniya body and cover may be made of stainless steel.

3.2 Special conditions for safe use «X». X within the marking Ex limit switches indicating their special conditions of safe use of X. are as follows:

– Cable inside the shell should be done through the cable entries having valid certificates of conformity, allowing the possibility of using in hazardous areas (the Certificates), with type of protection “flameproof enclosure« d ». subgroup of gas, the degree of protection against external influences IP and ambient temperature range during operation is not lower than indicated in Table 1;

– Unused openings in the shell must be sealed with plugs that have a current certificate with type of protection “flameproof enclosure« d », a subgroup of the gas, the degree of protection against external influences and IP dia¬pazonom ambient temperature during operation is not lower than indicated in Table 1:

– Limit switches must be installed in places protected from jets of air with dust particles and other external factors that contribute to the accumulation of static electricity on the light-transmitting element and the painted surfaces of the body;

– In the maintenance of the housing with a damp clean cloth.

3.3 Explosion-proof limit switch is provided by the type of protection “explosion-hull about d» GOST IEC 60079-1-2011 and performance of their designs according to the requirements of GOST R IEC 60079-0-2011.

3.4 Changes to the agreed drawings and design of products is possible only by agreement with the ELN OS SEC “TekhnoProgress.”

4 Marking, applied to equipment that includes the following information:

– The name of the manufacturer or his registered trademark;

– The name of the product, the type;

– Marking of explosion;

– -day Issue and the serial number of the product on the numbering system of the manufacturer:

– The name or mark of the certification body and number of the certificate of conformity;

– -special Sign of explosion, in accordance with Appendix 2 TR CU 012/2011;

– A single sign of products on the market of the Customs Union member states, according to para. 1, Art. 7 TR CU 012/2011;

– Warnings: “Open, disconnected from the network”, “potential danger of electrostatic charge. See. Instructions “;

– Other data that should reflect the manufacturer, if required technical documentation.


Head of Certification (authorized person) A Y Verveyko
Expert (expert-auditor) M M Sargaeva